Ambush on Belis Corona

(or, we played our first games of Kill Team, ever)

Yes it was fun.

Props to the design team, Kill Team is great. We managed to learn the game, then play 2 games, in around 2 or so hours after work!

After encountering a bunch of gross gribblies heading for an escape pod, the rabble rounded up by a nearby officer managed to halt half of the infestation in its tracks! No specialists were harmed permanently in this mission, by the Imperial Guard Team saw a Sniper grab an extra XP while my own Death Guard Team barely managed to do much of anything aside from soak lasers like crazy.
For the purposes of the campaign, the Death Guard will be losing something off their resources (I’ll have to tally this up later) while we see a scene change as the remainder plummet to the planet below in the hopes of starting the cycle of life and decay.



Kill Team Campaign Start

Bellis Corona is a major starport: untold thousands of lives find themselves on each satellite.

As Nurgle’s forces retreated to the Ghoul Stars after the stalemate in the Ultramar system, they left behind both seeds of life and gifts of contagion in their wake. Poisoning a large cruiser before it leaves for a far corner of the galaxy would be a delectable way to share Nurgle’s gifts with the Imperium. A large force would be detected and confronted immediately- so a splinter cell of a Plague Cult in the system has sent a small Kill Team to infiltrate one of the myriad space docks orbiting Bellis Corona.


The unfortunate defense force stationed on BC 273 has recently experienced an elevated rate of infirmary acceptances over the past month. Servitors have been scanning all incoming containers twice, and teams have been dispatched to check for xenos biota- anything from the far reaches that would cause buboes, sores, and excess mucousal build up in humans. One of these teams is about to clash with something far worse in the waste expulsion and reclamation levels.

Kill Team Campaign- Location

(I hope it’s good)


Bellis Corona

an Imperial Dead World located near the Eye of Terror, which serves as the Segmentum Obscurus’ primary base for the Imperial Navy’s Battlefleet Obscurus as well as essentially the Imperium’s administrative capital for the entire segmentum. There is a vast conglomeration of orbital dockyards in geosynchronous orbit about Belis Corona where entire sector battlefleets can be serviced and refitted. Massive stockpiles of munitions, supplies and other war materiel are stored in armoured bunkers buried many kilometres below the planet’s barren surface.

  • Codex: Eye of Terror (3rd Edition), pg. 25

Battle report #2! New army, new arena.


The big boys were not fully painted by me, but are being repainted soon! 

Blue sticky tack works wonders if you don’t have magnets lying around!

On a distant planet in the Far Reaches…

Breaking out of the Warp, a splinter of the Blood Angels chapter of Adeptus Astartes orbited in their hulking carrier. Prometheum supplies were low, the time was ripe to “siphon some gas” as it were, and the planet far below them was almost devoid of life.

Unbeknownst to the upstart chapter, what garrison the vast Prometheum deposits did mount was an impressive loan from Knight House Terryn. Fearing the worst, after seeing a large form on the long range scanners (which subsequently deployed orbital drops!), the planetary guard sent a Seneschal and a small guard force with him.

In game terms…

We played using the Chapter Approved Eternal War mission 5: Ascension. This immediately put me at a disadvatage as I only had one character- my warlord. I was also on the backfoot as this would be the first test of this list, and my first time running Armiger Warglaives.

After we set up the objectives, chose sides, and deployed, the board looked like this:

I finished deploying first and had the first turn. My opponent never tailors his lists to mine, but he still had a decent task force for handling what I brought. My priority targets were the big guns of course, but being unable to take out the correct predator and later the deep striking Death Company would see my plans foiled- read on!


How many wounds? Uh, I guess it’s gone, then. 

Intially I think people were hesitant to use Armiger Warglaives because of their high points cost and relative rarity to purchase. However, D3 melta shots from 36″ was nasty! I was able to remove the Baal predator, a devastator squad, and a tactical squad toting meltas on turn 1, without taking casualties. The army is very point-and-click during the beginning of the game, but because of my inability to rack up Victory Points from objectives, we both realized my only hope was to table my opponent. This changed his battle plans from that of a wrestling match to mere survival.

Knights are decent in close combat, but it became pretty obvious that dedicated melee units can remove them fairly easily after a turn or two. However, in a final act of valor, my warlord exploded into a fiery ruin when the end drew near, removing a legendary Blood Angel chaplain and the rest of the death company with him!

Clever positioning allowed my opponent to not only win on Victory Points, but to also keep a solitary tech marine alive, courageously cowaring behind a bunker. I assume he either called for reinforcements or suggested the fleet move somewhere else a little less hostile. In the end, I still have 2 Knights left above 20 wounds, just another sign of how resilient they are this edition.


Yes, dreads are still king of the mountian when it comes to Super Robot Fight


The Miracle of Colored Sprays

Or, how to go from bare plastic to base coated in a single morning.

Using Army Painter’s Necrotic Flesh spray, I was able to prime (using a cheap car primer from a discount store) and base coat 2,000 points of daemons of Nurgle this morning. Click through below to see the progress!

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After finishing a rather detailed commission, I was in the mood for something a little easier and a bit more relaxed. No decals, minimal highlighting- just a lot of technical paints and washes kind of scheme.

Painting steps:

1. Base coat in Necrotic Flesh

1.5 If sprayed on, clean up with a brush and Necrotic Flesh

2. Paint horns, bones, teeth, nails etc. using Citadel’s Screaming Skull (or your choice of a bone color)

3. Mix Aggrax Earthshade, water (or Lahmian or other acrylic medium) in equal parts, add Nuln Oil or another flavor of wash to taste, and brush liberally as a wash over the entire model

4. Paint eyes with Citadel’s Iyanden Darksun (or another yellow, again your call)

5. I used vallejo pinks and purples for the intestines and tongues

6. I mixed Citadel’s Blood for the Blood God and Reikland Flesh Shade to form a gooey mess and brushed this liberally onto the open sores and wounds (delicious!)

7. Paint the bases. I used Aggrellan Badlands texture paint and then painted the rims with a cheap acrylic black.

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8. Nurgles Rot technical paint was applied to the intestines to give them an ever grosser appearance! Such a fun couple of models to paint, I can’t wait to see the whole garden come together.

9. Lastly, if your dudes are carrying weapons or wearing armor, try this super simple process: Citadels’ leadbelcher, Citadel’s Tyhpus Corosion, followed by a light drybrush of Citadel’s Ryza Rust. Works like a charm and takes only a few minutes including drying time.



New Year: New Project

I’m ready to give grandpapa nurgle a great greasy hug.


My list will feature plenty of insect and garden motifs. I will be using Slimex in AoS, and the Slimex model as Epidemius in 40k. I want to continue with his “master gardener of Nurgle” theme and spruce up the rest of the models. I’ll be on the look out for 28mm scale flowers and garden accessories.

Of course I decided on this before seeing all of the new releases on the Warhammer community site, so now I’m over the moon.

Look for more gross & grisly updates from me in the near future.

Review: McDougallDesigns Custom Bases

First and foremost: I found these products through a Reddit swap on /r/miniswap. I did not receive them for free, but take my review as personal opinion.

Made from a sculpt-able clay, this basing material is pretty nice to work with. I received some pre-made 32mm round bases with clay on top, and some bundled basing materials, also found on the website, below. A grab-bag is kind of nice, it adds to a random aesthetic, but I would certainly pick a theme for a Mordheim or another themed game or army project.

The 32’s were a little big, just a hair, but it won’t be noticeable on the tabletop after painting. Considering the cost of just basic bases, I highly recommend these products for a nice looking army theme without messy base paints. They are sturdy wood with a clay top and I might be picking up more soon.

Find more information at: